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Frida Kahlo has been my big fascination and admiration for many years.
It all started with my mother showed me some of her most famous paintings. Then in 2002 I saw the film about her life. This is where I really opened my heart to her as a person, as an artist, as a fashionista, as a victim and as a hero.

She was a woman with a strong soul, but with a fragile heart.

She fascinates me in the way, that I feel I understand her pain and emotions - but then  I don´t understand anything about her. The ambiguity I feel, are reflected in how I percieve her art - that´s the  thing, that makes me so in love with it.

There are something really sad about her and the many challenges in her life. The bus accident which handicapped her for rest of her life, her husband, Diego Rivera’s, many infidelities, depression and solitude, miscarriages and her sister who cheated on her, with Diego. But in some way she kept her self alive through her art and political engagement.

She is a romantic and feminine “Tom Boy”. Her female strength and character was not common for her time, she really stood out. She has traveled to many countries and even lived in many of them. Her art and political investment took her further than others. She even became close friends with Pablo Picasso, when she lived in Paris for some years. Kahlo incorporated more graphic and surrealistic elements in her later work - but colours and details has always been her main trademark.

Yesterday I was at MoMa (The Museum of Modern Art) and to my big surprise they had the works of Frida Kahlo. I had ask my friend - "Do you think they are the originals?" and she answered "Hey - we are in NYC!"…. And I was over and beyond the sky - And furthermore you where allowed to really get up close and take pictures. I love this City!

Here are some beautiful photos of her.  The paintings are NOT the ones I took pictures at, at the MoMa - but a few picked out to show some of her great work. I recommend to se the movie, listen to the soundtrack, read books about her and enjoy her art. A new world will open!

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